An unusual ensemble that believes in music without boundaries. They want to promote and perform new music from the 21st century and use their unique instrumentation beyond the borders of their classical training, which has made them a voice for many contemporary composers. Their program offers a wide range of styles, new performance techniques, and a chance for each performer to really shine and strut performance chops that seem endless and yet continued to grow with each new piece you hear. Within the diverse contemporary composition, styles going from a filmic blaze of colors, and an orchestral lushness to the energy and power of avant-garde, in which emotion and story are primary and thoughts can roam free.

The trio’s sound comes from a unique combination of piano, clarinet and saxophone. It is an inviting, engaging and constantly surprising sound that bears memories of the trio’s contrasting backgrounds, as well as their travels around the world. The Thelema Trio has played at big-name festivals and in famous concert halls in Belgium, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Peru and the United States.

The music of the Thelema Trio will take you on a journey through different worlds, times and emotions. This is what gives the ensemble its incredibly rich timbre. One minute the Thelema Trio will intrigue you with intimate, understated pieces, and the next it will surprise you with exuberant, extravert compositions.

Améleth (2004) '20

For clarinets (Bb clarinet and contrabass clarinet), sax (alto sax and baritone sax) and piano.

Composed by Philemon Mukarno on request of the Thelema Trio.

Commissioned by the Flemish Government.