'Each piece has a strong economy of Means and a strict control of Form. Means and Form are use by Mukarno in an elementary and powerful way'

Philemon Mukarno is a phenomenal composer who has taken the music world by storm with his exceptional talent and fantastic creativity. As a native of Jakarta, Indonesia, Philemon’s artistic sensibilities were formed by an early exposure to various musical styles that set him apart from his peers. He pursued his dream of music by enrolling in the prestigious Royal Conservatory of The Hague and Codarts, University of the Arts in the Netherlands where he excelled academically and graduated with top honors. His passion for music was unparalleled, and he was awarded the Prize for Composition, a coveted prize reserved for only the most gifted young musicians. With his exceptional skill and dedication to his craft, Philemon has proven himself to be a true master of his art, and his music is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

‘the compositions demonstrate in their own way his original ideas and his strife for intense expressiveness’

Mukarno’s exceptional talent in contemporary music sets him apart from the rest. The infusion of electronics in his compositions is a true representation of his innovative mindset. His compositions are not limited by traditional musical norms, and instead, his original ideas shine through each piece. The intense expressiveness in his work is a true testament to his passion for music. Mukarno’s unique style embraces simplicity yet exudes strength through the economy of means and strict control of form in every piece. With great confidence, Mukarno has taken the music world by storm with his unparalleled approach and ability to create powerful and impactful compositions.

The musical compositions of this individual have been showcased at esteemed international music festivals including the Gamelan Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the El Segundo Festival Internacional de Música Clásica Contemporánea in Lima, Peru; the Rotterdam Music Biennial in the Netherlands; the Internationale Studienwoche für Zeitgenössische Musik 2000 in Lüneburg, Germany; the Internationaal Gamelan Festival Amsterdam (IGFA); and Musica Eterna Dubrovnik.

This artist is a strong collaborator, frequently working alongside professionals from other disciplines like dancers and performers. They have also composed music for the stage and screen. One of their most impressive endeavors was the breathtaking music installation called “Dejeuner sur l’herbe.” Working together with artist Wim Salki, this installation was showcased at Goetheart Kunstforum in Cologne, Germany. This artist’s diverse portfolio is a testament to their immense musical talents and immense creative vision.

The variety thus attained is striking. In spite of the frequent use of rough, unpolished sounds, there is a world of difference between for example the almost primal force of DOG and the more lyrical atmosphere of Online.

‘The complete absence of irony [e.g. in the form of quotation, reference or comment] is remarkable. It is especially this lack of distance put his music in the total beliefe in what the pieces are, which puts Mukarno in his unique place among his contemporaries.’


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