Dennis Geestman - Soloist
Estibalitz Galardi - Violin

World premiere at Hal4, Rotterdam on

16 march 1998

Dog (1998) '15


2 trumpet

2 horn in f

1 trombone

1 bass-trombone

Percussion 1 vibraphone, Tibetan bell, timpani 32″, tam-tam, China crash cymbal 20′

Percussion 2 turbular bells, marimba, hollow block, tom 12′, tom 13′, flor tom 16′, snare, bass drum

Percussion 3 chrotales 2 okt., gong, wind chimes from Ghana, splash cymbal, crash cymbal 16″, crash cymbal 17″


Soloist grunt voice

2 violin

2 cello

2 contrabass

Andi Koening – trumpet

Mark Kaptijn – trumpet

Koen Kaptijn trombone

Mark Boonstrabass-trombone

Wan kuk Kim – horn in f

Alle Lenoir – percussion

Lorena Gimeno – percussion

Dennis Geestmangrunt voice

Marcel Minderhoudpiano

Catharina Ungvariviolin

Estibalitz Galardiviolin

Sussana Guasch Meliscello

Samuel Romani Lopez – cello

Lassi Hiltunencontrabass

Igor Arjanovitch – contrabass

Pablo Fernando Varela – conductor

DOG showcases a profound economy of means and meticulous control of form. Mukarno adeptly employs these elements in a concise yet potent fashion. His compositions not only manifest his original concepts but also epitomize his relentless pursuit of intense expressiveness.

The resulting variety is truly striking. Despite the frequent integration of coarse and unpolished sounds, a clear distinction emerges between, for example, the almost primordial force of “DOG” and the more lyrical atmosphere of “Online.”

The conspicuous absence of irony, be it in the form of quotation, reference, or commentary, is particularly noteworthy. This deliberate lack of detachment accentuates Mukarno’s music, fostering an unwavering belief in the intrinsic essence of each piece, thereby distinguishing him in a truly unparalleled manner among his contemporaries.