(2013)Continuous performance

The choice of Philemon Mukarno stems from the festival’s desire for a modern abstract electronic music composition/installation in the pedestrian tunnel between Wilhelminapier and the metro station. This creation may be abstract and elusive, capable of confronting and awakening unsuspecting passersby. “What is happening here? Oh, it’s Red Ear, modern music!”

The pedestrian tunnel serves as a link between the city and the festival. Philemon himself immigrated from Indonesia to the Netherlands at the age of 14, symbolizing the connection between cultures. In his music, he establishes the same connection, albeit with diverse cultural influences. In recent years, he has delved into the world of Japanese Butoh dance and philosophy, a movement that emerged after World War II.


The directive for Red Ear is to forge a musical connection from the city to the festival, with the history of Wilhelminapier and its presumed function as an “antenna to the world” in mind.


Within the pedestrian tunnel that extends from Wilhelminaplein Metro Station to Wilhelminapier, an electronic music installation has been crafted by Philemon Mukarno, a Rotterdam-based composer specializing in electronic music. Mukarno’s compositions are characterized by unconventional combinations of instruments, electronics, and sounds. He is recognized as part of the esteemed Rotterdam School. The installation, entitled “Accidental Music,” forms an integral part of the RedEar Festival, scheduled from April 19th to 21st on Wilhelminapier.

Philemon Mukarno is a highly regarded composer who graduated with honors from the Rotterdam Conservatory, specializing in electronic music. He is renowned for his daring and provocative work involving electronics, often in conjunction with traditional instruments. However, he perceives his creations not as extreme but rather as a reflection of his artistic process and personal sonic realm.