Trombone & Electronics


Visual - Audible

Curator: Karel Doing

Composers: Juan Felipe Waller and Philemon Mukarno


Hillary Jeffery (trombone en electronics)

Marko Kassl (accordion)

Marco Antonio Mazzini (bass clarinet)

Juan Felipe Waller (piano and electronics)

Philemon Mukarno (electronics)

Visual – Audible

Presenting a film program where the conventional dichotomy of good and evil, as commonly depicted in narrative cinema, is replaced by an exploration of dualities: light/darkness, male/female, human/machine, creation/destruction. The films showcased are brief, silent, and experimental, carefully curated from the collection of experimental films at the esteemed Film Museum and the distribution catalog of the renowned Film Bank. Spanning the years between 1970 and 2006, these cinematic works bear testament to artistic innovation.

In a testament to the unique nature of this presentation, esteemed composers Philemon Mukarno and Juan Felipe Waller have undertaken the task of composing original soundtracks for the ten meticulously selected films. This exclusive endeavor sees their compositions brought to life through live performances, adding an immersive auditory layer to the cinematic experience.


Null X, Jan Frederik de Groot & Gilles Frenken (2004)

Double Shutter, Mattijn Seip (1970)

Obscure/Reveal, Karel Doing (1998)

From the Exterior, Barbara Meter (1970)

#3, Joost Rekveld (1994)

Crescendo,  Andras Hamelberg (1981)

Corpus Christi, Anna Lange (2006)

De macht der twee, Edward Luyken (1987)

Sciopticon, Hanne van Asten (2004)

Selfportraitpainting, Mari Boeyen (1974)